Fuorisalone 2018 Lambrate Design District

DIN - Design In 2018

17/22 April - via Sbodio / via Massimiano

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"Everything is more than the sum of the single parts" is the maximum par excellence of Gestalt psychology. With this in mind, rather than a product I wanted to develop a design method. The individual parts are composed of different materials (stones, marbles, woods, resins, metals), the shapes and finishes that they can take. The "everything" is the result that thanks to the customization component acquires a unique value. Taking inspiration from the graphic works of M. Morandini, F. Grignani and M. C. Escher, I developed patterns composed of geometric shapes that, seen in their entirety, can take three-dimensional shapes.

The project was born from the close collaboration with a skilled craftsman of wooden floors and a leading company in the processing of marble and stone. I wanted to reinterpret the classic concept of inlay, turn static geometries into soft patterns. Finally, by combining the materials with different finishes it is possible to obtain a three-dimensional effect.




Design of adequate and functional solutions built on your needs.


Simple functional wooden objects designed with craftsmen.


Every house is different and requires the furnishings suited to it


Photorealistic images for endless variations of the project.

Who I am

My journey began by attending the Interior Design course at the Milan Polytechnic, concluded with a thesis on the study of the proxemics applied to the design of the interior spaces of a reception center for political refugees. During my studies I started working at Ragone Falegnameria (www.ragone.eu) from February 2011 to June 2017. Being a family-run business, I had the opportunity to take care of most of the activities right from the start. During these first three years I began to approach the craft, beginning to "steal" the trade. Starting from the most basic tools up, after six years, to big machines like the 5-axis CNC. After acquiring the right technical knowledge, I began to devote myself to personal projects outside the workplace that included a part of craftsmanship and a design. Among these there are skateboards of which I chose the wood and glued the various layers by hand, given the shape with software for 5-axis numerical control and finishing. My goal is to keep alive the two souls of my job, the design and the craft.

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